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It is not possible to know all the things that are meaningful to people’s health and growth. But, Dr. Gayle practices what she teaches with wisdom and grace what is proven to be needed for healthy thought-life and growth in faith. When others say “Not so fast, there’s much to be done before one can be healthy,” Dr. Gayle cuts to the chase, simply focusing on key success factors that impact healthy thinking and lifestyles.

See the links in the player for a series of free teachings that will be beneficial in engaging you on your journey to not only make changes in your life, but also in the lives of the people you serve. Don’t hesitate to try some of Doctor Gayle’s books as well, which you will find in the library in her on-line store. You will also find a few “free” downloadable eBooks to engage in more of her teachings before you delve more deeply into personal counseling or coaching to enable your and/or your group’s growth and success.

Dive in and be prepared to be impacted phenomenally by these teachings, literally changing your thought life and becoming forever free. It’s your season to walk in purpose and destiny.

"I declare this is your season to embrace a healthy mind and body!" Doctor Gayle

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