Health & Wholeness

Essence of Wholeness

Wholeness is not often attainable or something one just walks into without becoming mindful of what is required to get there. Decisions are made daily about our eating, emotional, thinking and exercise habits.  However, until the decision to CHANGE is made we fluctuate back and forth between healthy and not so healthy. The key decision hinges on finding the right vehicle, setting the goals, and finally making a plan, not elaborate, just a plan to live a better, healthier life.


One of the major principles I have learned about change is: CHANGE ain’t change til you change. Making the decision to practice proper nutritional habits, and enlist physical exercise as part of my daily routine just as I’ve learned how to re-condition and reprogram my mind towards positive thoughts hasn’t come easily. However, after using natural products for years, I’ve finally been introduced to Moringa. After doing my due diligence, watching the Discovery Channel documentary on Moringa, the Miracle Tree, and researching the site on all the healthful benefits of Moringa, I did not need any additional prompting. Using the product a few weeks, experiencing greater mental clarity, and an extraordinary new level of energy has catapulted me on a new journey to a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle. Literally I have embraced my “essence of wholeness.”  Why not join me. To get more information on how to change your lifestyle to become a new healthier you, please go to Call me with further questions at 949-388-3076. 

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