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Doctor Gayle offers a sliding fee scale and will consider bartering services where appropriate. Online Zoom Coaching Services can be purchased in our store. For all other services, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to receive your customized quote.

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Mental Health & Emotional Healing

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Personal Development Life Coach

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Doctor Gayle provides cutting edge information to help bring you into your full identity. Our team members can assist you in team building, business planning, training, and mentorship.The following seminars are designed to equip you with the relevant tools for you and or your team to be effective, productive and successful!

1.   Developing Gifts and Talents

o    Personality assessments for business success

o    Gift-mix assessment – where do I fit?

o    Your personal leadership and management style

2.   Vision Casting & Goal Setting

o    Personal one-on-one sessions to help develop your vision

o    What impact will your vision have on others

o    Writing your vision and mission statement

o    Setting measurable and attainable goals

3.   Proper Alignment, Communications & Connections

o    Finding the appropriate mentor(s)

o    Establishing the right alignment/connections for the best exposure

o    Understanding your style of communicating to connect with others

o    Dealing with conflict positively


4.   Networking 101

o    Referrals to experts on topics which include business branding, internet exposure and website presence

5.   Preparing for Financial Success

o    This class provides a detailed look at every aspect of your personal and business financial planning.

6.   Defining & Understanding Your Core Values

o    You will determine whether you’re operating in effective internal core values which will ultimately affect your external conduct.

o    Do your core values help you make good or bad decisions.

o    Learn how to articulate what gives you purpose and worth

Everybody experiences a breakdown in their emotional wellbeing at one time or another in their lifetime, whether it is related to a childhood trauma, a broken relationship or marriage, the hurt and woundedness of a disloyal friend, the loss of a job or change in career, or even the stress of moving across country unexpectedly. Sometimes as individuals we’re simply not equipped to handle the many disappointments brought on by life’s many, many upheavals. Doctor Gayle’s effective coaching and healing methods will give you the necessary tools needed to get back on track, rapidly and efficiently. Having been healed herself from the emotional ravages of victimization, shame, offense, unforgiveness, anger, resentment – you name it; she employs learned and proven mental health techniques in a manner in which you don’t feel you’re sitting in a counseling session, but more like you’re talking with an old friend working through situations in a quick and easy fashion. Quick and easy meaning, though there’s work to be done, one doesn’t feel the anxiety of “oh my God, what if she knows, what will she think of me?”

Having spent three decades developing and continually improving her own personal attitude towards life, and ever changing and evolving into her destiny call, Doctor Gayle has a winning attitude to never, ever give up. Her thought provoking philosophy is that each of us are created to win. She has studied the architectural design of the lives of hundreds of self motivated, successful, and inspirational leaders, gleaning significant elements to continue improving herself, while assisting others to do the same. Her life’s work is spent, still in hours of studying the lives of others, but more than ever helping others navigate their own design work to become the people they are called to be. If you’re willing to invest the time developing and practicing a positive thought life through re-training old mindsets, exercising both your mind and your body, preparing and reviewing your life’s goals, and willing to adjust some things along the way, Doctor Gayle can help you reach those goals. She helps bridge the gap between lack of self confidence and courage and tenacity. Through her coaching you will experience a thought-provoking awareness of your heart-felt aspirations catapulting you into action. Your fundamental belief system will be challenged beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Zoom Online Coaching and Consulting is another way to access HELP. It's convenient, confidential and professional. Since Doctor Gayle works with people around the country and several others, she offers consultation sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, and other media exchanges. 

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