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A New Perspective of the Power of Life: Finding Truth and Reality


Suppose you happened to stumble upon the key to a mystery that most people you’ve encountered in life know absolutely nothing about. They would have had to “not” known anything about it, because if they knew they most definitely would have shared it with you. But suddenly here you are, energized with this newly discovered key, this new perspective; a perspective so liberating that the core of your being is embodied with such a sense of vibrant awe and urgency to release this key you cannot keep still. You think to yourself, “This has got to be the best kept secret in the universe otherwise why wouldn’t we all know?” You not only have just come into an awareness of who you really are, your authentic identity, but the power within that goes along with this new discovery.

Of course this discovery really isn’t a new discovery because I’ve been reading books and listening to tapes for well over 35 years which talk of the power and greatness within. What I realized is that although I’ve been listening and even declaring what I was hearing, apparently I didn’t have the revelation of the power in me. It registered in my brain but obviously had not yet penetrated my heart.

Follow me and see if you can relate to any of this. Your identity was legitimized at birth, but for the first time in your life it’s been legitimized for you in your understanding. You finally recognize that within your DNA structure there is a vibration of something that science identifies as energy. So your question right now is “but what does energy or vibration or even authenticity have to do with this key that you’ve discovered? Hmmm… for now let’s call this discovery a “power gene,” a gene that literally releases a vibrational energy in you with such force that it reframes the way you think about life and who you are. You’re now seeing yourself in an entirely new light recognizing that you actually have the power and capability to accomplish everything you’ve always wanted to accomplish but didn’t have a clue how to get that done. Not that you haven’t tried, and tried, and tried. . .

In fact, you’ve meandered through life up to this point knowing there was something greater to accomplish and attempting to share this idea with others who pretty much pooh pooh’d you away basically implying that you thought more highly of yourself than you should. Nothing personal, they didn’t have a clue of the power gene either. Although you were not aware of this power gene in your DNA somewhere deep in your “knower” you knew Finding


Truth and Realitysomething existed that was greater than yourself. Some of you have always known you were created with a seed of greatness on the inside of you and have actually followed that purpose. Others may have known there was a seed but didn’t know its purpose was to be cultivated. And then there is the group of us who have spent our entire lives trying to tap into that place, not quite knowing what we were tapping into but yet we knew that if we continued our pursuit it would inevitably be revealed. You’ll have to determine which group you identify with. For those of you who fall into the first category, you have the greatest responsibility and that is taking the time to teach those who have no clue. Those of you who repeatedly have said “but I don’t know what my purpose is,” or “I’m not even sure if I have a purpose…” What I’m telling you is this: we all have purpose but it is incumbent upon you to find that person who is willing to walk alongside you and help you discover that purpose, that seed of greatness and cultivate it to bring it into its full existence.

This seed of greatness or as I am calling it here, this “power gene” has been stumbled upon by many, but so many others have overlooked it, couldn’t find it, or have not known what “it” is. There are those who discovered the power gene who just happened to be in the right audience listening to the right speaker and instantly it clicked. Or maybe they didn’t stumble upon this knowledge by accident at all but perhaps were seeking as I was, possibly through reading the appropriate book or scientific journal, or perhaps enlightened through a spiritual encounter, either within a church setting, a New Age experience, or some type of spiritual environment.

One group that I will elaborate upon is one I will refer to as the biblically Scriptural group. This is a spiritual group who functions primarily from a biblical perspective, avidly searching the Holy Scriptures looking for hidden nuggets or keys to mysteries of the universe. This particular group seemingly unlike any other has drawn worldwide attention and more recently come under much fire and controversy for their beliefs, one simply being that they happen to believe Jesus is the Christ and the Savior of the universe.

Now for those of you non-believers of the Christ but believe in a “higher power” of some sort, don’t go throwing stones at me yet, just hear me out and I spacepromise I will meet you in


your thought processes as well. One thing I have learned as I continue to grow in maturity and wisdom is that we must learn to be more loving towards others whose belief system is different than our own. I’m not saying we must accept each other’s beliefs or tolerate aberrant behavior of those who hate us simply because we’re American or even because of the culture in which we were born. I’m saying let’s not be so quick to judge or put others down based on what they believe. Just because we don’t share one another’s beliefs does not make us bad people. What we all know is that there is a Creator who created the universe and for me that Creator is God.

This same Creator, the one who created us with a seed of greatness has also given each of us an innate ability, a power gene to create our internal world which in turns governs our external world. What I mean is that it’s not the circumstances in life which dictate what our external world looks like, but it’s how we perceive and handle the circumstance that makes the difference.

Briefly follow me in a discussion of the mandate Jesus gave to his disciples in the book of Luke of the New Testament concerning the power they had, and what they were to do with this power. The mandate that has become profoundly significant to me is found in the passage of Luke the tenth chapter, verse 19 where Jesus simply states, “See, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” This word authority equates to (Exousia) power, ability, privilege, force, capacity, competency, freedom, or mastery. In another gathering in the book of Acts, Jesus advised the disciples “You shall receive power…” (Acts 1:8). This particular (Dunamis) power indicates force, miraculous power, ability, abundance, might, worker of miracles, strength.

There are two parts in this passage that I believe are extremely significant. First I believe that Jesus was telling the disciples “as my students and based on my own identity, see, perceive, look at this, understand, what I am releasing to you based on who you are created and designed to be. Not only am I giving you power but as you place your foot upon your enemy you are discerning with this power gene to know who or what you are trampling upon.” This conversation taking place between Jesus and His disciples was Him actually conveying or imparting to them, His own gene power which came from His Father, the universal Creator.

What I am saying here is that despite the serpent (ophis), representing an enemy that is cunning, artful and malicious, with sharpness of vision cannot trump your power to discern who and where he is operating in your life. This power was not given to be placed upon a shelf like so many of us have done to gather dust and mildew, later to be thrown out with the rest of what we perceive to be junk. But when receiving a gift we need to examine, evaluate, and assess its attributes, and learn to appreciate its value. This power gift is exactly that, a gift of value that we have overlooked and not taken ownership of it.

The second part of this important conversation taking place between Jesus and his students is that they were being given power “over all the power of the enemy.” So for those of you who are students of the teachings of Jesus this impartation is powerful only if you perceive and understand its significance. This power given to us is more powerful than that of all our enemies and it belongs to all of us, but only those who are brave and courageous enough to step out of an ordinary mediocre existence to receive it will experience its greater benefits. One of the benefits of this power as it is activated is knowing and recognizing your enemies. Let me name a few: The world’s economic debt structure that has held many in bondage most of their lives including our nation, the United States of America as a corporate and governmental entity.

You’ve got to know that Trillions of debt over a nation can only hold that nation in bondage to another entity (whoever and whatever that entity is). The poverty slave mentality caste system causing many to believe they were/are inferior to another culture or race of people. This caste system in America is simply called racism. A victimized orphan spirit releasing a belief so powerful that many have bought into this lie causing them to believe the entire world is against them. Other enemies are within our own body/mind structure, including shame, guilt, rejection, hatred, insecurity, low self-esteem, offense, inferiority, unforgiveness, just to name a few. These are the enemies that you have a power gene to overcome when you make the decision as I have that you no longer wish to befriend and agree with these enemies.

So now that we have an idea of who or what the enemy represents let’s look a little further into this power gene in our DNA structure which we have all had since birth. Unfortunately many of us have not known first of all that the power gene existed but more importantly until now we have not known how to tap into this energy source. So the new perspective that I mentioned at the beginning, the key to this mystery has been in my discovery that this power gene has always been in my DNA as part of my birthright based on the mandate of Jesus and His purpose for being in the earth. However my perception of this power did not become total reality for me, and notice the emphasis is on for me, until I got a revelation of the biblical mandate.


Upon further research I also gleaned additional information from a scientific perspective which I learned affects both my emotional and physical state. My desire is to facilitate wholeness mind, body, and spirit. The scientific explanation imparted more of an understanding of the low and high vibrational frequencies within us. I see that the higher our frequency the sharper we are mentally (sharper vision), emotionally, spiritually, and physically. From a biblical perspective the power gene already exists. From a scientific perspective for those who do not ascribe to the biblical teachings of Jesus you can learn how to activate the power switch allowing you to change your vibrational energy flowing through your thought perceptions and function at an optimal healthy position. Your enemy in this case would be negative vibrational energy (toxic emotional thoughts and old childhood memories) stemming from all the trash you have picked up and carried around in your cellular system during your lifetime. This trash released a faulty belief system in you that you came into alignment with probably as a child.

If you are a proponent of biblical teachings you might consider that just as those disciples in the early church age were students of the teachings of Jesus many of us are still using this book as a reference and study guide as to how to live a successful life. If we are students then we too are considered to be disciples. The free describes disciple as “One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another, or an active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy.” So when we combine all of our faith ingredients that we have picked up along our journey we should be able to reach inside ourselves tapping into that power gene stirring up the DNA molecules to release what we need to complete our assignment and purpose in the earth.

The other side of that biblical coin as stated above is that those who do not embrace or not


proponents of the teachings of Jesus have learned about the here & nowexistence of this power gene in the DNA simply through scientific findings. Much of the research indicate that thoughts have energy which often create our own reality, and that if we can change the direction of that energy, we can change much of the perceptive reality which is generally based on our belief system. Having said that let me clarify what I mean. Reality is I am a woman who is a human who lives on the earth but one day I will die. That is not my perception that is a factual reality. However, what happens in between the time of my living and dying has much to do with what my perception is concerning what I give to life and what it gives back to me. Reality is that I have lived a rather mundane, mediocre lifestyle which is no longer acceptable to me. My journey for the power of life has been a long and tedious one, nonetheless quite enlightening and invigorating. I would like to invite you to join me on this journey.

So understanding the power of life is the reality that I choose for myself, the operative word here being understanding. The perception of that reality is what makes it powerful for me. What’s exciting about this is that I am able to now share a key that has the potential to break open a revelation that allows anyone on a similar search to experience this same reality of the power of life. In other words I now have the capability to share from both a biblically sound doctrine for those who only believe in the Bible, utilizing just the one Scripture Luke 10:19 “…the power over all the power of the enemy,” (and notice I said just the one Scripture – there are plenty others). But for those readers who believe there is a Creator but do not embrace the mandates of Jesus and simply see from a scientific perspective there are universal laws that also awaken the power within you. However in recent years science is consistently confirming biblical truths no matter whether you look at it from a biblical or scientific perspective. Scientifically you can understand that the vibrational energy of your thoughts which often set the tone for your reality can be changed by changing from the low vibrational level of your negative energized thoughts to a higher level of thought. Or for me using the Scriptural reference of Romans 12:2 I can “be transformed by the renewing of my mind…”

I am Doctor Gayle Rogers and thanks for embarking upon this journey of finding truth and reality with me. Until next time. . .

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