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Doctor Gayle's Corner

Which Glass Is Yours?

Do you drink from the half-empty glass or the half-full one? This is an explosive question that literally will tell you who you are and what you carry, (freedom or victimization) so ponder long and hard before attempting to answer. That is if you’re going to answer truthfully. As long as I’ve been on the earth and the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met, I still am tremendously shocked at the things I see and hear, especially those words coming out of the mouths of people who claim to be enlightened.

I listened to a song on Facebook last night sung by Donna Summer in 1983 titled “Forgive Me.” Just before starting to sing she simply said to her audience “let it go.” It brought me to tears because I thought about all the people I know, some I counsel or coach, some I just have conversation with, but how often I hear them talk about how angry they are with so and so… So and so could be a mother, child, spouse, best friend, associate, co-worker, pastor... What you don’t understand is that there is a price to pay for anger – both by the angry one, and the recipient of your anger. Although the recipient can simply “disengage” with your anger and not be affected. Anger is extremely expensive; it costs you your health, robbing you of peace of mind. It often costs the loss of friendships; it causes ugliness in your heart and soul. But most significantly, for those of you who claim you are a believer of Christ, it causes separation & division from Him because you’re not demonstrating His character and nature.

So back to the question “which glass is yours?” First examine your heart, asking is there anyone in my life I’m angry with? Am I still holding onto grudges from years ago, or a few months ago, or even just a few days ago. Have you made comments such as “I’m never going to speak to that person again,” or “that person is dead to me,” or “don’t mention her/his name… I’m never going to have anything else to do with them?” First of all, every time you tell yourself or someone else how angry you are you become that much angrier, perpetuating and fueling the fire.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If your answer is yes to either of these questions, you have been drinking from a half-empty glass. That glass will never be full for you because you see life from an unfulfilled perspective. Your mouth literally portrays your heart, which is your character.

Can your perspective be changed? Only if you choose it’s worth the effort to change. You see happiness & fulfillment is a choice. Sadly, and how unfortunate for those of you who choose to remain in a state of oppression because of your anger.

However, for those who decide to start drinking from the half-full glass which is perpetually always being re-filled, you have chosen to embrace the abundant life, a life filled with joy, peace, happiness; this is the life we placed on this earth to enjoy. Anything outside of this is simply existing in a world filled with chaos, anger, and confusion. CHOOSE LIFE!!!

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