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Doctor Gayle's Corner

Change Ain’t Change ‘til You Change

Excerpts from my newly released book The Whole Soul – Rescripting Your Life For Personal Transformation

How many times do you resolve within ourselves to change something in our lives? Whether it’s changing our diets, getting out of abusive and tainted relationships, making career moves, stepping into the greatness that each of us are called to. Some are extremely disciplined like my husband who makes a decision to stop eating something that’s not good for him and he just stops. I make the decision over and over, and over again, and then one day I realize, “change ain’t change ‘til you change.”

Changing thought patterns is not just about what you think in general, but how decisions are made as a result of the way you think, and how those decisions affect your life. Science, medical, and mental health professionals have all acknowledged the need for healing, which usually is multifaceted, encompassing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Extensive research has already been compiled on this subject. The key is to put into practice what you learn about thoughts and their impact. The intent here is to present these keys as functional tools in a most simplistic form for the sake of usability.

Many who read and study the significance of changing thought behavior will gain insight and understanding, ultimately helping to bring their mind/body into a perpetual state of wellness. It is this state of wellness that seems to have eluded many people. One reason for the elusion is that thoughts and how they influence decision making in our daily lives, is not typically a topic for discussion at social gatherings, nor in many cases even one-on-one conversations. In fact, this is a topic that has been widely neglected in contrast to its weightiness.

Therefore, it may be initially extremely difficult to understand what a new thought paradigm might entail. If you stop to think about what you are thinking, you actually can determine whether your thinking patterns are beneficial or detrimental to you as well as your overall health and wellbeing. The necessary steps required to shift the way one thinks are valuable particularly when recognizing that the majority of thoughts may reveal unfruitful patterns of behavior.

As long as I can remember, I have been an avid student with a desire to learn about life and living. Even more so in recent years, as I have been open to receive revelation, I sense that there is a deposit being imparted into my spirit that absolutely fascinates me. I believe God deliberately sends people into our midst by various media means, whether it’s through a book, meeting, telephone call, or whatever, which brings forth something that causes phenomenal growth. I have literally become fascinated with how information/revelation floats around in my mind and brain with all of its multifaceted functions, awakening my spirit to the happenings in this global universe.

Each newly-released nugget of knowledge ignites yet another key for me in my journey of self-discovery. Suddenly, pieces of the missing puzzle start to fall into position, instilling such a vibrant awe of urgency that I am filled with bursts of excitement with an insatiable need to share with anybody who will listen.

Order my book and read this fascinating story of finding the missing pieces, the DNA power gene in Chapter 4.

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